Partial payment F-53

Partial payment to a vendor posted through the same transaction code.
Suppose we want to pay $1500 for $2500 line item. Select partial payment tab and then click on payment amount tab in particular line item.
As we can see in the vendor line item display, SAP system will keep both the line items for $2500 and $1500. But $1500 line item as plus and $2500 line item as minus. It affect the balance as the payment done but it did not cleared anything.
Partial payment  does not clear the line item, it will keep both line items open. So there are not any clearing document but it maintain invoice reference document for what invoice payment done.

There is one more way of payment and that is Residual payment
Also go through The difference between partial and residual payment.

Now as the SA system kept the line items open how to clear them?
in SAP FICO, we clear vendor open line items through F-44

Now suppose we want to make payment for the remaining $500 for the same line item. How can we do it?
We can make one more partial payment of $500. It will not clear any line item. SAP system will keep all three line as open item but net balance get affected. All three lines are connected through the invoice reference number.

At any point we want to know total number of partial payments done, we can sort it out through invoice reference number

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