One time vendor

One-time vendors in SAP FICO are used for vendors with whom we rarely or only once perform business with.
In contrast to other vendor master records, a one-time vendor master record is used for several vendors, so that you do not have to create a large number of vendor master records that are used only once. As a result, you do not store any vendor-specific data in the vendor master record for one-time accounts.
When you post an invoice to a one-time account, SAP R\3 automatically goes to a master data screen. In this screen, you enter the specific master data for the vendor, e.g. name, address, which is stored separately in the document.
You create, display, block, and delete one-time vendor master records in the same way as all other vendor master records.

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  • May I know the detials for create one time vendor? Would you show me the step? Thanks.

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