Field Status in SAP

Field status controls what fields should be populated at the time of posting SAP transactions.

Field status groups are independent of company code, attaching instead to the field status variant. A separate variant exists in each company code for field status groups in the standard system. The name of the variant is identical to the company code. Each company code is assigned to the variant with the same name. You can work with the same field status groups in more than one company code, as outlined below: Proceed as follows:

1)  Maintain field status variants

2) Assign a company code to the field status variant

3) Do not forget to maintain the field status. Otherwise, all fields are suppressed.

Field status appear at four different levels in the systems as below:

The Account groups: This will dictate how master data is created.
The G/L account: This will dictate what kind of data is required while processing transactions in G/L against this account.
The posting key: This has an impact on how entries are processed from a debit versus a credit perspective.
The activity: Here the system controls what fields are required when using different transactions/ activities in the system.

Generally there are four options when dealing with Field status.

Required: The system will not permit the transaction to be complete until there is a valid entry in the field.
Optional: An entry is permitted.
Display : This field can be seen, but no editing is allowed.
Suppressed: The field is not even visible to the end user.

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